Philips Car Lights

Philips Car Lights

Philips Car Lights

Automotive Lighting is dedicated to providing best in-class products and services in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market. We are committed to providing the highest quality standards while we constantly maintain the sustainability of our business. As such, the corner stone of Philips Lighting Environmental Management is the maintenance of the right balance between ecological impact and economic growth.

In poor lighting situations such as bad weather and darkness, accidents can increase by over 80%. So if you want maximum safety for yourself, your passengers and other road users, you need to have the best safety technology.

Philips lighting promotes "active" safety protection to prevent accidents by increasing overall visibility and illumination. This allows drivers to see and be seen better, further down the road, so that they can avoid potential hazards. When combined with passive vehicle safety features, Philips active safety lighting solutions help enhance overall driver confidence and promote a safer driving experience.

UV Quartz glass for optimal lamp performance

UV Quartz Glass provides more light on the road as well as the highest level of resistance to vibrations, extremes of temperature, and risks of explosion. Philips UV-blocking Quartz Glass filters out the ultraviolet rays that are potentially damaging to modern plastic head lighting units.


  • More light on the road
  • By implementing UV-blocking quartz glass,
  • Philips increases the pressure inside the bulb and consequently generates more light (e.g.: 50% with its VisionPlus lamp).

Better resistance

Only an illuminated quartz glass bulb (filament at 2650°C and glass at 800°C) is capable of withstanding severe thermal shocks.

Xenon HID: A revolution in automotive lighting

Current and future market trends in the headlight sector are towards greater safety through better vision and towards greater economy through longer service life and aerodynamic design. The market demands economical products, longer service life, higher luminous power and resistance to vibrations.

Philips, a proven supplier of lighting systems, has refined the technology of the gas-discharge lamp and electronic control units and offers an innovative solution for automotive applications: Xenon HID Lighting.

Xenon HID is a system integrating 3 carefully matched components:

  • a micro gas-discharge lamp serves as light source
  • an electronic unit controls ignition and operation
  • carefully matched headlights ensure optimum luminous effect


  • The quantity of light is up to 3 times more, at half the energy consumption of halogen lamps, Its lifetime is extended by a factor of 7
  • The system emits a daylight colour impression
  • The system allows for a highly compact headlight design
  • Last but certainly not least, there is immediate light after switching